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Matching eligible Blood/plasma donors with patients


Our Mission

For the last few weeks, we have witnessed a flood of heart-wrenching posts on social media platforms from people looking for life-saving blood/plasma for their loved ones. Hospitals simply do not have enough.

We know how terrifying it is to run from pillar to post to find the right blood donor, in the absence of an obvious place or institution to reach out to. PlasmaLine has been created to make sure this crucial time isn’t wasted in looking in the wrong place. 

Our aim is to match individuals with patients who are in need of blood donation or plasma therapy. PlasmaLine is a small step towards solving the problem of finding eligible donors in a situation where time is of great essence. 

We sincerely hope you or your loved ones never have to go through this ordeal. But if you do, then we aspire to be able to help you by connecting you with volunteer donors. 

Rule of Caution

We only promote altruistic blood/platelets/plasma donation and in no way trade, sell or promote purchase of the same. We do not charge any commission or any sort of monetary benefits or other exchanges. This work is totally done with the bona fide intention and is done to ease the current situation for the people in pandemic so as to avoid unnecessary trouble caused to them.

Trading or selling blood and its component is against the Law as upheld by Supreme Court of India in the case of Common Cause v. Union of India, 1996. We, request you not to solicit or deal with any person who is selling these resources as it is against the law and therefore, suitable actions will be taken by the authorities. We will not be held responsible for any such thing as we have our role only till making patient and donor get in contact.


How it works?

For Donors

  • Step 1: Register

    Register with us by filling out a simple contact form. In order to match you with potential donees, we would need some critical information such as your contact details and blood group. Please be as accurate as possible with your answers, we would hate to waste your time by matching you with the wrong patients.

  • Step 2: Verify

    PlasmaLine will reach out to you to verify your identity and to take your consent.

  • Step 3: Matching

    PlasmaLine would use details provided by you to match you with potential recipients.

  • Step 4: Consent

    As soon as PlasmaLine receives a request matching your blood type, we will reach out to you to ask for consent before sending your contact details to the potential recipient. Be assured that your private details are safe with us and only necessary details would be shared with potential recipients.

  • Step 5: Save a life

    The patient gets in touch with you and you heroically save a life.

For Patients

  • Step 1: Register

    Register with us by filling out a simple contact form with essential patient details. We ask only for details that are necessary to match you with closest eligible plasma donors. To provide unnecessary delays, please ensure that details provided by you are as accurate as possible.

  • Step 2: Verification

    Representatives of PlasmaLine will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to verify your needs and understand your situation better.

  • Step 3: Matching

    Once we understand your needs better, we will provide you with a list of volunteer donors closest to you.

  • Step 4: Saving a life

    You get in touch with the eligible donors and get yourself (or your loved ones) life-saving resource.

Contact Us

Instagram– @plasmaline